Wednesday, 3 September 2014


In the spirit of fostering love, peace and Unity in the class, we thought it wise to profile 10 people involved in businesses in our class (Finance 400 level, UNILAG). We do not have to go to best shops if we need clothes, we have somebody who makes clothes in our class, cake nko?, them plenty wey dey do am, wat of make up? e dey kampe!. 
We added pictures of their works too, so enjoy!!

Bimbo Mehmud- CEO New Vision Eye Glasses- Makers of frames and glasses
Having you seen those nice glasses on Nike Araba?, yes that one, who did it? Bimbo mehmud did. Finance and glasses!! , kilo fi jora? , this is Nigeria my brother anything goes. Having learnt the rudiments of selling frames and eyeglasses from her mum, bimbo is now ready to challenge the world in her business. She says a challenge in the business, is that customers don’t really know the worth of glasses in Nigeria so they just bargain anyhow. ‘Some customers  would bargain as low as #500 for glasses worth #5000, for what na’, she protests. Bimbo sells designer and recommended glasses, the  designer glasses sell as low as #4500 (Original oo!!). For more on bimbo’s glasses call 08080580995.

Kofo on Bimbo's frames

Amaka Isiekwene-Senior Director, Rescia cakes- Makers of all types of cakes
That Amaka is beautiful is arguable, but that are cakes are beautiful, sweet and yummy is unarguable. The delta igbo lady runs Rescia cakes with her mum and perfected the art of cake making during the long ASUU strike. Any type of Cake you want, dessert cake, Pink Cake, Candy cake, you just name it, Amaka will do it! She charges on the Average, about #1500 to bake cake. Call her on 07036120862

Deji Momodu- Co founder RF clothing Line- Designers of cloths
They Say empty Barrels Make the loudest noise, but for Deji the statement is rephrased, noiseless barrels make quality clothes. His designs are Mwahh!!. Little wonder Dolapo, Chibundu and a hosts of others run to him to make designs on their shirts. His RF clothing Label which he runs with his cousin may be relatively new but they are certainly not here to sidon and look. Deji charges about #2500 to make a shirt and design. Give him a call on 08084866452


Taiwo Oloyede- CEO Tee Smiles Photography-Photographs made  real! 
‘I like to see myself as a street photographer’, she says with confidence. Taiwo just like Amaka learnt the art of photography during the long ASUU strike and today she is making money for herself as a Female photographer. She has to her credit taken pictures of influential people in the political industry, one of them being a commissioner in the Ogun state government. She is also the official photographer of the Finance class, year 4. I forgot to add she is a die hard fan of Aisha Kuta!. Taiwo can be reached on 08022065873. 

Jane- CEO, Creative Hands- Makers of 'yummy' Cakes
Jane too just like Amaka bakes cake and also learnt the art, during the Long ASUU srike. Call her madam gbogboe and you would not be wrong, as she not only bakes cakes, she also sells plaintain chips and chin-chin. She says she loves baking and trying out things as, according to her, a student has to engage in a few things. When I asked her whether she hopes to take it seriously, she replied Yes oo!!, I want to be a very good baker, she says the business has been challenging and encouraging at the same time. But she is not bothered about the stress. Her creative hands company has come to stay. Jane cakes costs between #2000 and #30000, ask for any design on your cake and jane will cover it. She can be reached on 08030751770

Razaq Ajayi (AJ) - CEO AJ Prints-Printers of Destiny
He may not be the finest in the class but his works will sure draw you to him. AJ started the printing business way back in 2006 and today, he says proudly that he has done jobs for Oyekan Peter in Finance, Tamuno Braid in Accounting, Tairu Tunde in finance and a host of other top guns in the Faculty. The printing business has been Beneficial to AJ as it provided funds for him to complete his his final year project work. His quality banners and posters are quite affordable and cheap. Talk to him on 08026150704.

Nike- CEO Jabenicky- dealers in all kinds of jewelleries
Her studying Finance doesn’t in any way hinder her from running her business. Nike says she loves buying and selling, so much that it is now a passion. She started selling jewelleries, hand chains, earrings, back in her first year and she says a challenge is that people don’t pay when they buy stuffs. After school she intends working for a while before going into the business. Her jewelleries are pretty cheap and of good quality too, on the average they cost about #800. Ring her up on 08171712326

Hannah Azeezat Sikiru- CEO Bella beauty concepts
Who says a finance student cannot thrive in the makeup industry?, talk to Hannah if you are in doubts. When Hannah first started the makeup business, her friends didn’t believe in her, but that did not stop her, in August 2013 she decided to launch her makeup company and today she is making waves. Hannah’s Make up company is not only for the face as she also ties Gele!, fixes nails and eyelashes too. Hannah who only recently celebrated her birthday plans to be a top makeup artist having shops all over the country. She has to her credit done make up for musicians like Adam Johnson and also for Tosin Lawal. For a complete make up (Gele and fixing of nails inclusive), Hannah charges #1000. Contact her on 08069830355.


Azeezat doing her thing!

Abiola ‘Solvable’- CEO God’s grace ventures- Printing made real
Popularly called solvable by friends, well wishers and admirers, Abiola started God’s grace venture after the completion of his secondary education in 2004. He says the businesses is a very risky business, as one has to pay attention to details. A huge benefit of the business to him however is that he has been able to network as a result of the business. Abiola, who also teaches primary, secondary and University students dreams to be the principal of a school and to have schools across the country.He can be reached on 08096602422.

Shittu Adeniyi - Senior Director, Jenas Bim- Makers of insecticides
The insecticide business may not look classy to some students, but Niyi doesn’t care. For him it’s an opportunity for him to learn and make some quick change for himself. Call him a jack of all trades and you will be absolutely right. He is not only into the insecticide business, he also sells jewellery and other body accessories and plans to be a super entrepreneur. Although controversial, his insecticide is not in any way controversial, one flit and the mosquito go die pian, he says proudly. A bottle of insecticide sells for #100. All those cockroaches hiding in the corners of your wardrobe, oya JENAS BIM insecticide do your job! He can be reached on 07062509177

By  iweajunwa Emeka and Tolu George.